Encontro das Aguas by Sandra Cinto

mural done by Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto #4  

Encontro das Águas is a mural done by Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto, at the Seattle Art Museum, for the Olympic Sculpture Park PACCAR Pavilion.

For one thing, this mural caught my attention for its similarities to a famous artwork that I like a lot, The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. In fact, the artist states her influence by artists that have done similar works, including Hokusai, as well as Sol LeWitt, Regina Silveira, and Theodore Géricault. For this big project, two assistants who traveled with her, as well as a few local artists and designers, and even volunteers and the museum employees, helped her.  Very few materials were used for this work: blue paint and a silver pen.

I find myself always drawn to artworks that are filled with little details, and enjoy spending time to, first, appreciate the artwork in its big picture, and then to observe the separate little pieces of art that form it. It is just fascinating to realize that it is just a lot of simple lines that eventually create amazingly beautiful artwork. This work is inspiring, just by the fact that this was done through the cooperation of different kinds of people, with or without artistic backgrounds or experience.

I am drawn to this mural for its visual aspect alone, but I actually gained much more appreciation for this art piece and the artist by listening to her explain about her inspiration and describe her process. This also helped me realize that presentation is as important as the work itself.

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