Inspired by Mindfulness Meditation

Google's Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation isn’t just closing one’s eyes and relaxing, as so many think; it actually takes an uncommon level of focus and concentration. With mindfulness meditation, we give ourselves a break from the complexity and almost pathological business of modern life and of modern being, and we get to see our emotions and thoughts as they occur, or at least from a perspective closer to their root causes.

The truth is that cultivating “awareness” is a skill like any other, and the more you do it, the more readily you can summon it when you really need to (stressful situations, moments of confusion, anger or frustration). Through a meditation practice, we can see just how relentlessly “noisy” the mind can be, and just how habitually our fleeting thoughts skip from one subject to the next.

Mindfulness meditation slowly but surely allows one to quiet the mind and regain a sense of awareness and experience, realizing the ever-present now as fully as possible. The subtleties in life, whether it’s the sweetness of an orange at the end of a rushed lunch, or an expression of appreciation on a coworker’s face, all too often go unnoticed. Mindfulness meditation allows us to take in the richness of living instead of getting sidetracked by past regrets or obsessing over future plans. Without trying to be too trite or cliché about it, the present moment is the only time we’re in and the sooner we can accept it into our lives with all of it’s richness, both the positive and the negative, the more infinitely rich our lives will be. And to me, that’s inspiring.

This video shows Jon Kabat-Zinn leading employees of Google through a guided mindfulness meditation. I highly recommend you try following along:

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