Keep Drawing by Ha Juan from Studio Shelter

Still from Keep Drawing

The video for Keep Drawing by Ha Juan from Studio Shelter reminds me that sometimes I should get off the computer and go back to basics — that is, work on paper!

Some people might say, “But I am not good at drawing.” But who cares! I don’t think it matters, because I consider drawing to be a good process for expanding your imagination.

In 2010, I actually got to meet Ha Juan at the Cut&Paste 2010-11 Global Champs Competition in New York. During the event, I got to talk to him and also see some of his previous works.

Watching his work made me realize that sometimes, we focus too much on how cool our work looks because of effects done with editing programs. For his work, Juan focuses on the concept and storytelling first, and he doesn’t worry too much about the effects or techniques. The outcomes are still cool looking, but with a very clear concept.

Here is a more recent work of his, called Ah

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