Storytelling Through Characters : Lois van Baarle

Lois van Baarle

The art of Lois van Baarle is a huge inspiration to any aspiring digital painter (or, indeed, anyone who hopes to make exceptionally creative art). Her characters are relatable, making the work extremely powerful. The dynamic between her characters and their environments never fails to draw me into the frame.

Cafe Press

From a spartanly furnished, aged and cracked kitchen made cozy by the warmth of its contented inhabitants and their morning coffee (Cafe Press) to something as whimsical as a young boy parachuting over a skyline carried by his paper lunch bag, apple and juice box falling alongside him (Paperbag Parachute), Lois van Baarle always engages the viewer and always impresses with her ability to balance technical skill and fun.

Paperbag Parachute

I always come away from the Lois van Baarle gallery itching to pick up a pen and tablet, and paint until I’ve reached just a fraction of the quality of her work. I want to create deep relatable characters that tell stories and feel emotions. What more can you ask for in an artist than the ability to inspire more art?

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