Inspiration towards a Creative Career

I come from an art background. My father is an art historian. His brother is a painter/sculptor. I have a cousin who is a professional painter. And as for myself, I graduated from Emily Carr University with a major in Painting. I have a lot of respect for the visual arts, and I was naturally encouraged towards this direction from a very early age.

I remember one of my earliest memories is of my grandma wholeheartedly applauding my colouring book drawings. It always felt like it was something that was special to me and which to a point defined me.

After I graduated from Emily Carr, I thought that I would keep art as something close to my chest. I was working as a cook prior to coming to VFS, and I was completely content with keeping my art personal — having group shows twice a year, where I would share my work with the rest of the community.

I guess what really brought me to VFS Digital Design was a paradigm shift. When I started to feel frustrated by how little time I had to practice art for myself while working a full time job (this also coincided with a life changing event, but that would be another story altogether), I decided that I wanted to learn the practical skills needed to begin a creative career as a designer; at least then, my creativity would be engaged on a regular basis.

So I guess my inspiration is quite understandable. Like the old adage goes, “do what you love” — and I’m trying to do just that.

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