Interactive Design : From Function to Form

Coding Image — Min Choi

Every child builds their dreams and thinks about their future career by starting with what they like most at that moment. My childhood dream kept on changing dramatically from pursuing a singing/performer career to being a veterinarian…

Not really knowing what I liked to do, I grew up and continued further on in my studies knowing the one thing I had to do: get good grades. I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged me to build a strong foundation in all areas of study, but I soon found myself pursuing studies in an area that I had the least interest in. My first and only choice was obtaining a degree in Sciences, and I did end up graduating with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science. My major was also not a result of my choice, but came out of a random process of elimination of the majors I did not like in Sciences.

Little did I know, however, that I would actually enjoy most of my first classes in this program, because most of the projects revolved around basic front-end coding with a focus on user interfaces. Of course, as I progressed further in my studies, the courses became harder, and I found myself losing interest, to the extent that I wanted to give up.

Fortunately, my procrastination lead me to interesting videos on Youtube, where, by watching amazing works, I discovered what were called “Interactive Design” and “Digital Design.” At the time, I did not know how my studies in Computer Science would be beneficial to me in pursuing a career related to Arts and Design, which I was very much interested in, but which I didn’t have the courage to dive into. It was only after a long time spent researching jobs related to my studies that I found myself attracted to the job opportunities that required more design knowledge and more front-end coding languages, rather than the ones that I already knew.

Front-End Coding

That is how I ended up where I am at the moment — in the VFS Digital Design program, learning about responsive Interactive Design, which focuses on the graphical user interface that can provide the most efficient and beneficial user experience. I really enjoy my current studies here at VFS, and I am also glad that this program not only provides art and design theories and design perspectives, but also gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in my already (more or less) established area through extending my coding languages. I really feel that the Digital Design program is much more than just an Art and Design program, it is a program that trains the mind to create designs that are aesthetic and also build them to be functional.

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