Make it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it…it’s Motion Machine!

DD27 Motion Machine competitors

Welcome to the new Digital Design Class, our lovely DD27s, and also welcome to the new class of Entertainment Business Management – the wonderful EBM20s!

The Entertainment Business Management department has now moved in with Digital Design, in what looks to be a great partnership of Producers and Designers.

And today, to seal this new relationship, both the Digital Design students and the Entertainment Business Management students were creating Motion Machines.

Motion Machine EBM20 Competitors

The objective is to make a course or motion track that culminates in a marble falling into a cup, and take the longest time possible to do so.

Making the marble take as long as possible to reach the cup

To achieve this, the students are armed with all kinds of weird and wonderful bric-a-brac from the dollar store: funnels and rainbow coloured Slinkys, toilet tissue and masking tape, wire coat hangers and dominos, yoyos (red, yellow and blue), plastic garden forks and spades, and so on.

Using a variety of dollar store items to build their motion machine track

Enthusiastic instructor Keiron Simons explained to me that this course is a microcosm of a larger project. It’s fun – it’s a game. But the team dynamics are the same: How are the design decisions made? How are disagreements resolved? Who took on a leadership role? — This is the chance for the teams to discover their dynamics in a fun environment, and over a mere 2 hours, before the stakes become grades and a project becomes something that is weeks spent in the making.

The 53 second Motion Machine

There were some excellent results this time around — the longest made 53 seconds! However the VFS Record of 15 minutes remained unchallenged…until the next time!

Working fast to make it go slow — Motion Machine

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