My Future Career As An Interactive Designer

crayons picture

I have been interested in design since I was a child. I still remember when I picked up a bunch of colored crayons and drew lots of images on the white wall of my mom’s home. Even though she grounded me, I’ve never been discouraged to keep drawing and I keep looking for inspiration.

I majored in Advertising and I worked for some agencies in Brazil, always in the art direction field. My last position in Brazil was as Art Director for a “Guerrilla Marketing” company. I had always worked in print media, but when I worked at the Guerrilla Marketing agency I had some interesting tasks, not related to print media — like, designing custom Facebook and Twitter pages, and also doing online campaigns. That was when I realized that I would love to work with interactive media.

Technology has always fascinated me and I realzied that it would be great to join my two passions: design and technology. That’s why I came to VFS: to learn more about Interactive Media — not only the design part, but also the user experience and information architecture side of it. I am really excited about the classes (I am learning a lot) and the prospect of working in the field that I love.

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