What’s the Big Idea? — Our Experience So Far

From (Left to Right, Back to Front): Kyle Vandekleut, Bill Sun, Scott Dutertre, JK Shin, Macarena Poo, Breanne Jansen, Cesar Velazquez.

Term 3 is now well underway for us DD26′ers and, with that, we find one area demanding our attention more than anything else.

Throughout the first four months of our year at VFS we heard frequent mention of the “BIG IDEA” project that we would soon encounter. At that time, it was just another one of the many exciting things to come! Now in the midst of it, however, “exciting” probably wouldn’t be the adjective of choice for most of my classmates (see: demanding, challenging, stressful, etc.). But, all things considered, there is definitely light at the end of that tunnel.

Much like how training wheels provide stability and safety for someone new to riding a bike, so too do our instructors — Gagan Diesh & Tiffany Hamilton — provide that network of support and guidance, particularly when learning to work with real clients.

As a class, we have been split into three teams to help benefit two different non-profit clients: One team has been working with the Neil Squire Society who helps “empower Canadians with physical disabilities through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs.” The other two teams have been partnered with a branch of the UBC Medical Genetics, who are researching Whole Genome Sequencing, specifically to identify the cause of intellectual disabilities in kids at an early age.

Both clients have been excellent, and very accommodating, particularly in terms of giving us freedom to work around the brief.

Our Team, 7Degrees (pictured above), have been working with the UBC Medical Genetics client and we’re looking forward to delivering a comprehensive solution that has an area of focus within each of the three streams here in Digital Design (Communication, Interactive and Motion).

So far, we’ve spent a good bit of time in both the Ideation & Strategic Development phases and have recently firmed up our scope, allowing us to start on our production of the final designs.

Here is a quick quote from each of the members on the team:

Breanne: “I love our team! We really compliment each other well!”

Bill: “Team work for the win!”

Scott: “It’s great to have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge science for subject matter.”

Kyle: “I appreciate how, as difficult as the process may be, the learning outcomes will always be beneficial.”

Macarena: “I’m sure we will be able to produce something awesome!”

Cesar: “I’m very lucky to be on this team, there’s a great balance of skills.”

JK: “Big Idea has really shown me the benefits of group work.”

We’re happy with the progress we’ve seen so far and are excited to see what the end result will be!

Above all, we’re very grateful for such an awesome opportunity.

See you at the finish line!

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