A Little Bit More : Art and Design

I never saw myself as a designer.

Art and design is the same thing, right? A designer is just an artist who has conditioned themself to paint within the lines — to make things look pretty, visually stimulating.

I’ve learned something very different in recent weeks.

Design is ultimately very purpose-driven. If it doesn’t serve a function, even the most beautiful of forms is useless.

This has been a key revelation for me. My decision-making process as a person has always been consistent. If I don’t see a good reason for doing something, I have great difficulty doing it. Therefore, if something makes sense and I see the logical rationale behind it, I am very inclined to see it done.

So, if with this new information, I can re-frame design as an effort to solve problems logically as well as creatively, it fits much closer to the way I prefer to operate.

I would much rather use my mind over my muscle.  I’d rather sit at a desk in an office (especially an exciting office) than watch as my body deteriorates through a career of physical labour.

That’s the biggest appeal. It just seems like a logical decision.

That said, I know this year will be tough. It has been tough already and I know it will continue to test me. But ultimately, I see the logic in it. I see the reason for being here and for pursuing this as I am. It’s just going to take a little more than what I’ve got right now. And that’s good.

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