Chalk Art: Dana Tanamachi

Chalk Art

Dana Tanamachi is a Brooklyn based graphic designer and chalk letterer. She did a lot of packaging design when she worked for Louise Fili, who is pretty much one of my favourite artists of all time. And being a big fan of Louise, I can see her influence in Dana’s work. I’ve always admired chalk artists because it’s such a delicate art form.

You have to have steady hands, patience, and the scariest of them all, climb a ladder from time to time. Most chalk art plays around with type, which I always find interesting. Let me tell you, that I have tried and failed to do this because let’s be honest, it requires a different skill set altogether. If you browse through her work in her website, you can see that chalk art isn’t just for coffee shops anymore, it’s in magazines, modern weddings, and all sorts of venues. It’s always beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Just more examples of her work:

Wedding Chalk Art

Magazine Chalk Art

Store Chalk Art

Chalk Art

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