Hi Interactive!! — Would you be my friend?

I have no idea what Interactive is and I have had no experience in it before, but now I have to learn this thing. I won’t be satisfied with a passing grade and I won’t learn this just to get a job, but because I need to know what Interactive is. I am like an old man who squints his eyebrows while a kid talks about a mobile device, or an old man who has to go to the bank to pay a bill when most people pay through Internet. That’s me, not wanting to be friend with Interactive.

I have a Facebook page and I have a Twitter feed, but I don’t know how to play with them. I think it is because I already hate them. Something like this happened once before, when I was young. I really hated English. I got zero in every class and I couldn’t apply to big universities because I wasn’t good enough in English.  Then one day, I had to become friends with English because I was planning to go study abroad and English was the first thing I had to improve. I had to work hard, practice a lot and spend most of my time with English. I think this is a similar problem I’m having once again with Interactive. I have that class every week, and I just don’t understand anything. But I think it is because I already hate it and I am not ready to learn it!! The best way to fix this is to change my perspective. I need to feel interested in Interactive because Interactive is taking over the world already.

I am pretty sure that I still love and I am happy to work in Motion Design. I have 5 years of experience with Motion Graphics. So why do I want to change the way I am? I just want to go higher, maybe to be an art director or a creative director. I might not work in Interactive, and I may not be able to become an awesome Interactive Designer in 1 year, but I need to know and understand when a client talks about this thing.

It would be even better if I could also have a conversation with them when they are talking about coding.

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