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22 Iconic Music Logo’s Explained

For as long as I can remember I have always been drawn to logos and branding. From my first pair of Air Jordan’s with the iconic Air Jordan logo on the back of my Nike’s to RUN DMC’s logo and music, which started my love for Hip Hop.

One my goals well at VFS in the Digital Design program is to hopefully design a long lasting iconic logo and brand. There are many living in back of my mind. Seems simple enough right?

This brings me to’22 Iconic Music Logos Explained’ an article detailing the stories behind the most iconic logos in New York music history. Two particular stories stuck out to me in the article for their simplicity and how organically they were created. The Franklin Gothic Heavy all caps RUN and DMC stacked between two thick red lines and Public Enemy’s silhouetted figure locked in the sights of a rifle’s crosshairs paired with an Army inspired stencil logotype.. Two of the most imitated logo’s of all time.

The RUN DMC created logo reinforced the keep it simple rule to me. The designer Stephanie Nash listened to the music and thought how visually typographic RUN DMC music was. The hard-hitting words used with such power her choice of typeface came quite simple. She’s quoted as saying

“At the time we had a limited number of fonts available and Franklin Gothic was tough and forthright without being old-fashioned or faddish.’

As a new designer I fall into this trap of spending too many hours finding the perfect font, instead of trying to find the emotion behind the words I simply look at the fonts aesthetically, “oh this looks good”. I’m slowly learning everything you do, as designer should have a meaning and reason behind it without being too complicated.

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