New Ways

Coming to the end of my first term in the DD program, I have realized how much I grew as a creative person.

The program has pushed me a lot in finding new and innovative ways to express the complicated web of ideas that run through my head every day. A great example of finding new ways was director Duo’s music video for “ Wasting My Young Years” by London Grammar. During the shoot, he had to invent a camera rig consisting of 625 individual pinhole cameras to bring the message of the song to life. The song depicts the idea of being afraid of wasting your young days and with that, the director came up with the concept of people being trapped in space, frozen by their own fear. In the visual, we see bodies floating around, most likely to symbolize the act of floating through life and wasting away time on this planet, which fits well with the song theme. It is gorgeously shot in black and white with a shaky camera movement with a touch of grain. This music video it’s proof that it’s worth taking risks when it comes to create new channels to project the stories that run through our minds.

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