Peter Smart – 50 Problems, 50 Days

50 Problems in 50 Days

Design is problem solving, and problem solving is difficult. As a term 1 student in Digital Design, I’m in the process learning of how to be a good designer, and it takes tremendous amount of time and effort to solve even one problem at a time. While I do enjoy the process, it is a daunting task.

And here is a man who pledged to solve 50 Problems in 50 Days using design. His name is Peter Smart, and he has travelled 2517 miles round Europe to problem solve. He had 24 hours to observe a problem, attempt to solve it, and communicate the solution to the world. He says he wasn’t always successful, but the point of this project was to trying everyday, not succeeding.

The steps Peter Smart take to solve a problem is almost identical to the way we DD27s are learning in UX class. He observes, analyzes, and interviews users of products/systems to gather information. He also experiences things hands on to understand the problem better. And then he comes up with a prototype of a solution, tries it out, and if it isn’t good enough, he goes back to the ideation.

The process is the same. He just does it in 24 hours.

I will be honest here. Whenever I work on User Experience class materials, my brain starts to boil. There are so many things to think about, so many aspects and elements to consider. And it is amazing to see that some people are doing it on daily basis. It is also inspiring to learn what it means to experience things hands on. I may not get the solution right away from the experience, but I will gather insights on whatever I am trying to solve and eventually help me find a better solution.

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