Congratulations VFS Digital Design Class 25

Congratulations, Digital Design Class 25! It was a very special graduation and awards show last night. As they managed to do throughout the year this amazing class brought the very best of themselves to the final day of their journey in the Digital Design Program; by providing one of the most entertaining and emotional grad shows to date.

As an educator, there is nothing more rewarding than the privilege of watching designers launch and, in some cases, re-launch their design careers. This class showed tremendous leadership and fortitude throughout their year at VFS. On behalf of all the staff and faculty in the Digital Design program, I would like to welcome you as colleagues and wish you bright and fulfilling futures.

The Award Show was a smashing success with strong nominees and fantastic winners in categories including Communication Design, Interactive Design, User Experience, and of course, the much contested Best Graduate Project.  Full list below:


Best Motion Design 

Kyle Norby & Nida Khan presented the award. The nominees were:

Creature Craft by Jaime Ugarte

Fostering Truth by Sebastian Guerrero

Six Shooter by Matt Coady & Jaime Ugarte

The Dregs by Kayla Cherkas & Laura Hernandez

Letters from the Scheldt by Craig Wilson

Home by Ismael Cosio


Winner: Six Shooter by Matt Coady & Jaime Ugarte


Excellent in Instruction:

Laura Hernandez and Kayla Cherkas presented this award.  The nominees were:

Kyle Norby

Myron Campbell

Nida Khan

Louise Lee


Winner: Nida Khan AND Louise Lee


Best User Experience Design

Miles & Brad Smith presented the award

Vision by Ian Brady

Fetch by Cole Derochie

Sift by Evan Bashir

Scoutr by Victor Tran

Kindred by Max Lin


Winner: Scoutr AND Fetch!


Best Course

Jaime Ugarte and Zak Woytowich presented this hotly contested award.  The nominees were:

Interactive 2 by Gerard Barcelon

Gamification of Life by Miles Nurse

2D Graphics 5: Experimental Practices by Myron Campbell

Motion 4: Title Sequences by Kyle Norby


Winner: 2D Graphics 5: Experimental Practices


Best team

Louise Lee & Nida Khan presented this award.  The nominees were:

Signature7 – When It’s Gone by Ismael Cosio, Chris Chan, Jaime Ugarte, Craig Wilson, Matt Coady, Natasha Tentes and Seerat Bawa.

Team Sandbox – Vanished by Cole Derochie, Sandi Tirado, Victor Tran, Laura Hernandez, Evan Bashir and Ryan Furlot

Grad Project – Tyee by Sebastian Guerrero, Sandi Tirado & Kayla Cherkas


Winner: Signature7 – When It’s Gone by Ismael Cosio, Chris Chan, Jaime Ugarte, Craig Wilson, Matt Coady, Natasha Tentes and Seerat Bawa.


Best Communication Design

Myron Campbell & Miles Nurse presented this award, and what fun they had! The nominees were:

The Fruits by Laura Hernandez

Pixel by Matt Coady

Barrelmen by Craig Wilson

The Beast Chocolate Series by Max Lin

United Brewers by Craig Wilson


Winner: Barrelmen by Craig Wilson


Best Interactive Design

Gerard Barcelon and Stephanie Wu presented this award.  The nominees were:

Creature Craft by Dee Casey

Trotly by Matt Coady

Vancouver Timberjacks by

Susie’s Adventures by Laura Hernandez

Ritual by Zac Woytowich


Winner: Trotly by Matt Coady


Ironwill Award

Danny Chan presented this rather special award, which is not awarded to every class.  This award is for individuals who do not miss a single hour of their 81 credit education – no mean feat!  This has only been awarded 3 times in the entire history of DD, and in DD25 we were honoured to present it for the fourth time to Sebastian Guerrero.  True Ironwill!

Although, I would like to add that the DD25s were a very dedicated group with many individuals missing less than 5 classes. Well done.

Faculty Rockstar

Matt Coady & Sandra Ramirez presented the award.  The nominees were all very deserving and were:

Danny Chan

Steph Wu

Thomas McKeen


Winner: Thomas McKeen AKA Grumpy Cat


Outstanding Achievement Award

Myron Campbell presented this award to:
Craig Wilson


SURPRISE – Outstanding Achievement Award

Miles Nurse presented this surprise award to beloved and passionate DD community cultivator Michael Boyce.


Best Graduate Project

Presented by Miles Nurse, this award goes to the best graduate project.

Trotly by Matt Coady

Fetch by Cole Derochie

The Barrelmen by Craig Wilson

Susie’s Adventures by Laura Hernandez

Sift by Evan Bashir


Winner: Fetch by Cole Derochie


Social Impact Award

Kyle Norby presented this award to:

Team Tyee – Kayla Cherkas, Sandi Tirado & Sebastian Guerrero


Best Portfolio

Thomas McKeen and Michael Boyce presented this award that represents the entire body of work produced by a student over the year.  The nominees were:

Sandi Tirado -

Sebastian Guerrero -

Craig Wilson -

Cole Derochie –

Zak Woytowich –

Ismael Cosio –


Winner: Ismael Cosio


In addition, we would like to offer many thanks to Anne Forkutza of iQmetrix for her heartfelt presentation about Evan Bashir, Bradley Smith of Habanero Consulting Group for his wonderful presentation about Cole Derochie, Brett Forsyth for his words about Matt Coady, and the lovely Vida Jurcic for her thoughts on working with Laura Hernandez.  Thank you to everyone that attended, all the faculty and staff that helped the event come together, and of course, to all the wonderful DD25s!


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