Digital Exquisite Corpse by Macarena Poo Garcia

In term 5, students partake in a surrealist exercise called Exquisite Corpse. It’s an experimental exercise that happens in Experimental Practices. This is a course that began my teaching career at VFS and this is the longest running assignment I’ve ever set. (And maybe the most fun because I selfishly get to take part!)

In it, students get a series of templates in Illustrator along with a colour guide where they create a top, a middle and a bottom graphic. All the guides are set beforehand so that all pieces will line up with each other. What’s great is that I’ve been doing this for 4 years now so there are literally hundreds of pieces that will line up with each other. So fun!

Now how could you possible top such a fun exercise? Well part of the fun is viewing them at the end of the class. I put them all on layers in Illustrator and we swap out random layers to create unique combinations. Well one of our fantastic students, Macarena Poo Garcia, decided to take this a step further. She decided to take a small break from her grad project to produce a randomizer that takes all the pieces and randomly assembles them with a click of the mouse! How great is that!

So the next step is to start putting all the other pieces up there, but for now please enjoy this great little gift by Macarena. Thanks again for being awesome!

Digital Exquisite Corpse by Macarena Poo Garcia

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