Wearable Technology and eHealth: Final Videos

We are so excited to unveil the students promotional videos of their Wearable Technology and eHealth design solutions. The final deliverable of this course is a 90-second motion piece that tells the story of their design process and how their solution adds value to meet the users needs.

One challenge they were given is to present rough prototypes mid-process. A key objective of this video is to provide a current snapshot of the work and explain what next steps they would take if given resources of funding, experts and time.

I am pleased to present the final videos (after the Read More break), enjoy!

1. Modoc: An arm cuff that monitors heart rate and pain levels and helps users track data over time.

VFS Wearable Technology and eHealth: MODOC from VFS Digital Design on Vimeo.


2. Ware: A modular interface that monitors vital information and helps users make informed health decisions to manage medical conditions.

VFS Wearable Technology and eHealth: Ware from VFS Digital Design on Vimeo.


3. KT: Sensor-enabled Kinesiology Tape that can communicate muscle fatigue and prevent or manage injury.

VFS Wearable Technology and eHealth: KT from VFS Digital Design on Vimeo.

Thanks for following along as we tested the first iteration of the VFS Digital Design Wearable Technology and eHealth course. We all learned a lot and had some fun in the process. Looking forward to next time.  -Karen


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