Animated Typeface – ChunkFive

This time we stepped up the game by entering into new territories with the project – Animated Typeface, a collaborative class project by students in Term 3 at VFS Digital Design. Each student made a second long animated sequence for 3 – 4 glyphs to complete the typeface – ChunkFive created by Meredith Mandel.

These sequences needed to be 25 frames long using three or fewer of the chosen colors. It has been amazing to see the incredible work DD30’s turned out to be. We are most proud to showcase the awesome animated sequences DD30′s created.

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Here is what some students have to share about their experience:

Juan Ignacio Osorio Santiago

Ignacio Letters Process

In my process I wanted to experiment different techniques with each letter. For the J, I used After Effects just to set the timing of the bones, then I used frame by frame animation to create all the veins that grow around the bones, and the flesh that creates the final shape. The final result is the ¨anatomy of the letter.¨

For the 0, I tried to explain its concept by setting a Cartesian plain, with the zero being the central point. I wanted to give a mathematic feeling, hence I used only After Effects to create all the shapes, lines, and transitions.

For the %, I tried to tell a story about the origins of the symbol, and how it became the symbol we use know. The animation begins with a horizontal bar, then it rotates to create the % that we all know. I created it in After Effects with shapes, and a little bit of cel animation in Photoshop.

Finally, for the ?, based on the shape of the letter, and its resemblance to a hook, I created a hook falling into the water, then it suddenly becomes the ?. I used masks in After Effects to create the bouncy feeling and Photoshop for the splashes.

Kien Nguyen Tran

kien process

As this is the first Animated typeface project in the DD program, we have a lot of freedom to make this project awesome. I did a lot of research, and surfed around the Internet to find inspirations. From looking at other typeface projects, I came to a conclusion that to make an awesome project, it first needs a sleek animation but the idea of a little story behind it is also important. Because I love manga, I tried to put specific characteristics into the letters or numbers that I animated. I also included frame by frame elements like smoke or explosion to portray this idea. This is an awesome project and I’m so happy to be able to contribute to it.

Kirstin Smith

Kirstin Letters

It was exciting to work on a small portion of what would become a full animated typeface. I have to say that I stumbled through this project with the least amount of grace possible, but that’s what made it such a great learning experience. I began by sketching out ideas for each letter, two of which became somewhat close to my initial vision, the 6 however came about after playing around in After Effects.

After creating the boobs in Illustrator, I took the file into After Effects, and converted it to shapes. My main concern was that within the constraint of 25 frames, it wouldn’t be clear what the initial shape was before morphing into a B. I struggled a lot with puppet tool to create the bounce I had in mind, before having the rotate the image.

I created twelve illustrations of the hand for the #. After bringing them into After Effects, I was really unhappy with the movement. It was very robotic. After feedback from Nida, and my classmates, I played with time remapping, and motion blur to create a more cartoony motion.

The 6 was the simplest but of course it took the longest, primarily because I was originally doing it in a way that requires double the work. I received help, again from my classmates, (what am I going to do without them when we all graduate in six months?!), that allowed me to find a much more streamlined workflow for this letter.

Yan Jamacaru

Yan Letters

This was a very fun project to work on. Once I received the letters I had to animate, I started thinking about different concepts for each, and display an interesting movement in such a short amount of time. Considering the shapes, I tried to come up with illustrations that could transform into the letters, and have some kind of history behind it. Then it was a lot of key framing paths, and hours in front of the computer, but it was nice to see the result in the end.

Shafakat Reshamvala

Shaffy Letters

Gallery of Animations:

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