DD30: What’s the Big Idea?

Our DD30′s after thoroughly wow’ing our Canuck Place client.

“What’s the Big Idea?”

During their year at VFS, Digital Design students have the opportunity to work with a non-profit organization on a campaign based on their client’s brief as part of the “What’s the Big Idea?” course in Term 3. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to work on real client projects from inception to final delivery, based on a client brief that incorporates interactive, branding, and motion elements. The course is structured to closely mimic a real-world client project. Teams are set up, project management tools are put in place, and the course begins with a client presentation.

This time round, we were lucky enough to work with Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and support the great work they do for the community. Canuck Place provides specialized pediatric palliative care for children living with a life-threatening illness and support for their families throughout British Columbia.

Karen Reid (Director, Communications, Marketing & Events at Canuck Place) presented a very well-prepared brief at the start of the course that included enough background into the organization to enable the students to begin to get a sense of the scope and impact that Canuck Place has on the community. The brief asked for a microsite to promote a gala event, and a motion piece to educate current and potential donors with information taken from their annual report.

This project was an interesting challenge for the students as Canuck Place has very firm design requirements and had provided visual branding material that had to be followed. The students quickly learned the power of designing within constraints, and each of the four teams did an excellent job of coming up with solutions that leveraged these limitations.

After the initial brief, the students spent the first few weeks deep-diving into the background information, statistics, and core values of Canuck Place. They visited the facility, and also attended an event that Canuck Place put on to really get to know their client’s culture.

Once this initial work was done, the students began their wireframes, storyboards, and mockups with regular check-ins with the client. They’d get feedback and bring that on board to really make sure they were getting at the heart of what the organization needed.

Once they received sign-off on their initial directions, the students hunkered down for a few more weeks of full-on production. The teams were designed to incorporate both motion and interactive expertise so they could keep moving in unison to deliver both sets of client deliverables.

After successfully overcoming and managing all of their risks and issues, the student’s deadline arrived, the client’s were on their way, and the students were fully ready to present their final solutions.

Each team came up with very unique solutions and the feedback from the client was that they were very happy – so happy that they asked for permission to use most of what was produced, including the pieces you see here! This is a real testament to the very hard, thoughtful work each and every team put into this class.

Here is a small showcase of some of the work that Canuck Place has chosen to use in it’s future campaigns:

Microsite by team: Blue Lobster

Motion PSA by team: J3K Creative

Motion PSA by team: Lattice Studios

The Teams: 

Blue Lobster

  • Kirstin (Team/Client Liaison)

  • Amrit

  • Stephanie

  • Shafakat

  • Ignacio

J3K Creative

  • Jordan (Team/Client Liaison)

  • Jieun

  • JY

  • Kien

Nuvens Design

  • Yan (Team/Client Liaison)

  • Bill

  • Sonia

  • Adam

Lattice Studios

  • Kelsey (Team/Client Liaison)

  • Javier

  • Samantha

  • Hadi
  • Lina

To the class of DD30, from the DD Staff and Canuck Place: a job extremely well done!

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