Animation Spotlight at Sundance Film Festival

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Animation Spotlight was one of the features Breanne Jansen and I got to see at the Sundance Film Festival 2015 at Park City. Out of around 8000 submissions, 60 short films were selected. 13 of these shorts were animated projects.

The majority of these films were made in frame by frame, stop motion, 3D or live action with motion graphics.

Here is a list of what we got to see at the festival:

Beach Flags directed by Sarah Saidan (France)

Palm Rot directed by Ryan Gillis (U.S.A.)

Two Films About Loneliness
Two Films About Loneliness directed by Williams Bishop-Stephens & Christopher Eales (United Kingdom)

Mynarski Death Plummet directed by Matthew Rankin (Canada)

Bath House directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden)
Reference: Swedish Film Institute

Tupilaq directed by Jakob Maqe (Denmark)

The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal directed by Christina Felisgrau & Ronnie Rivera (U.S.A.)

The Horse Raised by Spheres directed by David O’Reilly (U.S.A./Ireland)

Storm Hits Jacket directed by Paul Cabo (France)

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