(guest post by Miguel Barragan)

One needs to say something new, or at least say something old better…

Sometimes, when it comes to telling stories, it seems as though everything has already been said, every story has been already told, and it’s difficult to come up with innovative ideas.

Through exploring one inner-most layers and digging deep into emotions and thoughts, it’s possible to find valuable hidden treasures that can trigger the true potential of an authentic piece of art or design. The studio Giant Ant is aware of this, and they decipher their clients’ minds effectively, sometimes when the clients themselves are working out their own thoughts.

The Giant Ant team finds inspiration by going out of their habitual environment, starting projects in new and unusual places, talking to strangers, and hopefully gleaning that small missing piece of the puzzle.

They start projects right away, wherever they are, and even though not everything might be very clear at the beginning, things usually elucidate once they’re already in the artistic process.

Sometimes, it even seems as though the solution finds them instead of them finding the solution. They tend to experiment with serendipitous moments. Ask them how one of their projects evolved, and chances are they could barely describe it, not because they don’t want to tell the story, but because they let the process flow naturally, and stories often write themselves.

The possibilities become infinite when you know that stories are not only about the right words, but the way they are pronounced. You know that sounds and music are there not only to reinforce the narrative, but also the way the harmony flows and the mood the musician expresses, revealing the true essence of the message. You know that by matching a nostalgic chord with a spinning light that later on takes a human shape to become the character of the story, you have the whole world at your feet and the ability to touch people’s emotions.

Empathy, passion, and commitment are some of the values that can be perceived when you talk to people such as Jay Grandin and Jorge Canedo, members of the Giant Ant team. They all work in synergy, they always make sure they are on the same page, and, even though they have side projects, they always sing in unison when it comes to teamwork.

The people who work in Giant Ant are people who love what they do — you can tell by the constant smile on their faces and their uplifting good mood.

They are family, they are friends, they nurture and value a supportive relationship — and they all really like each other. They know that, in a creative company like theirs, people are a big source of inspiration.

Thank you, Giant Ant, for letting us spend time with you in your studios — you are all an inspiration to us!


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