Congratulations VFS Digital Design Class 30

Congratulations to Digital Design class 30! On April 23rd, we held our graduation ceremony and Awards Show for class 30. Red Borrowman, Program Manager, oversaw the ceremony and introduced each speaker. Louise Lee, Head of Department, delivered the keynote speech, and Nida Fatima, Motion Design Instructor, offered one last lesson as the elected instructor speaker. Kirstin Smith and Kelsey Hemphill were the elected student speakers who represented the graduating class.

The following is a list of graduates and their respective awards:

- Best Art Direction in Interactive Design > Stephanie Leung > Stimulus

- Best Motion Design > Ignacio Osorio > The Path

- Best Interactive Design > Kelsey Hemphill > Flint

- Best Technical Motion Design > Ignacio Osorio > The Path

- Best User Experience > Jordan Barber > Flint

- Best Art Direction in Motion Design > Yan Jamacaru > The Offering

- Best Team > Ignacio Osorio, Amrit Dhadly, Kirstin Smith, Shafakat Reshamvala, Stephanie Leung

- Best Designer in a Supporting Role > Jordan Barber

- Outstanding Collaboration > Ignacio Osorio, Kien Nguyen, Shafakat Reshamvala, Hadi Muslim, Kirstin Smith, Yan Jamacaru, Kelsey Hemphill, Jordan Barber

- Best Communication Design > J.Y. Lum> Descent

- Best Graduation Project > Ignacio Osorio > The Path

- Best Portfolio > Jordan Barber 

Photograph by: Arcelia Ocana

Photograph by: Arcelia Ocana
DD30, we’re all proud of what you have achieved and look forward to see what you do next.

Recruiters and Prospective Employers:

You can find a complete list of student portfolios here


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