OOMPH – VFS Digital Design’s online community

Oomph is a labour of love from our students.
Their tremendous efforts have brought our community to life.

Back in July 2010, our Digital Design students expressed their desire for an online forum, different from Facebook, in which they could share work, connect with alumni and industry professionals, inspire one another, and be inspired by the larger design community.

Given that this was a “big ask” we figured the best way to tackle this would be collaboratively. And what better forum to do this in than one of our day-long Slams! The brief was to design and imagine a Digital Design community.

The students were divided into six teams who tackled the brief. Each team was visionary. There are elements from every single presentation in the Oomph VFS Digital Design community site you’re experiencing today — from the Oomph name to the logo, the information architecture to the design, and from the content to the ways in which the site ties to our community channels.

At the end of the day, a judging panel comprised of faculty, VFS marketing, industry and alumni presented four awards in the following categories:

  1. People’s Choice
  2. Best Conceptual Approach
  3. Best Information Architecture
  4. Best Interface Design

We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our amazing students for bringing our community to fruition. In addition, we would like to thank the following alumni who contributed greatly to the usability and finesse of the final result — Emily Smith for the intelligent information architecture and Antonio Alarcon Roman for the incredible design.

Team Vanity Fair

Best Conceptual Approach

People’s Choice

Student Members:

  • Jordan Scott
  • Matthew Lawless
  • Nancy Sun
  • Graham Collins
  • Joseph Boutilier
  • Jay Cromwell
  • JL Lum

Team Holland Harold

Best Information Architecture

Student Members:

  • Ana Mendez Nieto
  • Caroline Cavalcante
  • Sencer Yalcin
  • Kashiya Taylor
  • Walter Covarrubias
  • Jordan Wall
  • Stuart Ward

Team Self

Best Interactive Design

Student Members:

  • Ehab Kamal
  • Nida Khan
  • Juan Behrens Gomez
  • Taylor Zimmerman
  • Cherie Korol
  • Erwin Kroeker
  • Salim Hassan

Team Dwell

Student Members:

  • Ezra Istiroti Levi
  • Matt Viklund
  • Carlos Lanenga
  • Elizabeth Trevino
  • Zico Jabbar
  • Bruno Marchand
  • Irving Diaz Hernandez

Team Jane

Student Members:

  • Student Team Members:
  • Andrea Sherry
  • Nick Lenko
  • Ira Hardy
  • Christian H. De La Rocha
  • Karen Kwan Yee Poon
  • Luis Barros

Team Pound

Student Members:

  • Anita Phanthikane
  • Drea Morin
  • Drew Hutchinson
  • Kelsey Armour
  • Brady Cackler
  • Arcelia Ocana Manjarrez
  • Halley Chung
  • Michael Meng