Habañero Welcomes VFS Digital Design

Last week, the Digital Design students in term 3 visited with Habañero. Senior Consultant, Mallory O’Connor, greeted us and ushered our group into a large boardroom with, surprisingly, enough chairs to accommodate everyone. We were then introduced to three other team members — Interaction Designer, Amara Der, User Experience Developer, Dave Kachman and Interaction Designer, Kurtis Beard.

It was wonderful that Habañero assembled such a multifaceted team of individuals who represented a broad cross section of the agency to speak with us. Together, they explained their work process and provided great detail about the workflow of two key projects — Vancouver Airport Authority: YVR Website, and Vancity: Insite Employee Portal. You can read up on these projects within the Our Clients section of Habañero’s site. In reviewing these projects, they stressed the importance of user-centered design and user testing. We would expect no less from the agency who was the founding partner and is an ongoing sponsor of the Vancouver User Experience Group (VanUE). And they explained how their UX teams are structured, both locally in Vancouver and in Calgary.

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WOW, Goldtooth Creative Rocks

Located on Gastown’s hip, up-and-coming Railway Street, Goldtooth Creative is a full service digital production studio and creative agency. Since its inception in July 2008, they have emerged as an industry leader in the development and creation of marketing campaigns for top-selling video games produced by some of the biggest names in the industry — Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Activision, Microsoft, Capcom and Disney Interactive. Our students loved visiting this agency and seeing their award-winning VFX, CG, live action and audio production work.

Digital Design student, Vanessa Aldana, was inspired by the tour. ‘In our visit to Goldtooth,’ she said, ‘we were able to experience how a production studio works and learn how each role fits into the process. They showed us some of the amazing work they have created which really inspired me to go into motion graphics. Goldtooth seems like a place where everyone participates in the creative process and shares their ideas.’
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Oh So Intense!

The Vancouver Summer Intensive lived up to its name — it was indeed intense! Our intrepid students packed a phenomenal amount of work into one short week. They developed branded alter-egos, created motion graphic shorts and then collaborated on an iPad app that brought their individual stories together in a larger narrative. The following video is a quick visual overview of their amazing work. We’re so proud of all of them!

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Video Retrospective: The Mexico Intensive

This past summer, the Digital Design program held an incredibly fun, one-week intensive in Mexico City. Graciously hosted at Anáhuac University by Ricardo Salas and Ana María López Balbín of the Design School, the intensive allowed Mexican students to get a taste of the VFS Digital Design experience. This retrospective video provides a glimpse into the week and shares some of the amazing student work. Enjoy!

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