Storytelling Through Characters : Lois van Baarle

Lois van Baarle

The art of Lois van Baarle is a huge inspiration to any aspiring digital painter (or, indeed, anyone who hopes to make exceptionally creative art). Her characters are relatable, making the work extremely powerful. The dynamic between her characters and their environments never fails to draw me into the frame.

Cafe Press

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Musical Rollercoaster

still from ZKO Rollercoaster

My violin teacher always used to tell me to visualize my music. In his thick Romanian accent he would ask, “Is it a love story, a clown, a roller-coaster?” He told me to have a vivid picture in my head before my bow even touched the string. That was one of the greatest lessons I ever learned. Now when I hear music, images and stories instantly spark in my mind.
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Awareness Through Art : Point of Contention by Jonathan Latiano

Photo of Points of Contention by Jonathan Latiano

When I think of ‘art’, I usually think of something two-dimensional – maybe some sort of canvas hanging on a wall, something that you simply look at. But this piece, Point of Contention, by Jonathan Latiano involves the viewer in a much more physical way.

Walking into a space that has this piece in it would be shocking! The very floor you are standing on warps and bends around jagged objects protruding at frightening angles. The hardwood, something that should be safe and geometric, becomes organic and unpredictable. Jonathan Latiano’s work gives you a greater awareness of yourself, of your movements, and of your surroundings. Being pulled into art like this, becoming a participant in the piece, is an inspirational experience.