Projection Mapping : The Reventon Project

The Reventon Project Still

How do you reveal a car in pitch black? Projection Mapping, that’s how! A Vancouver based company called SR Auto Group, who specialize in luxury living, came up with an exclusive projection mapping event featuring the Lamborghini Reventon. Since they are not a Visual Effects company, they collaborated with Media Merchants, who are also Vancouver based.

This project highlighted the beauty of the car’s design, using real time effects that made this project one-of-a-kind.

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Malaria by Edson Oda – Completely Still

Malaria Screenshot

I know you all may be thinking that this post is about a very serious disease, so let me shine a little light on the situation. Edson Oda from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has caught my attention because of his very creative illustrations. I first discovered him on Vimeo a while back during my break between taking the VFS Foundation and Digital Design programs. His work is absolutely brilliant — using still images to portray such a fine movie. It’s Tarantino-esque.
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The Animator’s Survival Kit – Is it really just for animator’s?


My AWESOME illustration of my Oomph! profile picture

Speaking as a designer, I think we’re all animators at some point — we might not want to do it specifically for a living, but we somehow still manage to find ourselves dealing with it. The concept of “Stretch and Squash” was just words to me about a year ago until I picked up The Animator’s Survival Kit By Richard Williams. Now a year later, it is the concept I live by.

We all look at animators as people who posses a unique skill set. Well isn’t that all of us, really? I am by no means saying that animating is easy and everyone can do it — What I’m implying is that at some point in our professional lives we are apt to deal with it in some way or another. It’s a question of how deep you want to get into it, to make any of your projects have a little more life. It’s a building block in all of our designs or projects.
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