Drawing with fire : Steven Spazuk

Steven Spazuk Fire Drawing

Steven Spazuk is a Quebec artist who draws with fire. He uses the flame of a candle or torch as a pencil to create his paintings using trails of soot, working with long canvases. He explains his work process as spontaneously creative. He does not make drafts. He just likes to keep the fluidity of his imagination, and that’s what I find so beautiful about his work.

Steven Spazuk’s recent work is formed as a mosaic pattern to represent the construction of our personalities and ideas.

JR photograffeur : Bring art to improbable places

JR Image

JR is a French artist and photographer known for using the street as a real canvas. He has worked in many cities, such as Rio de Janerio, Kenia, Sudan and London, and he still continues to travel around the world. JR’s work is based in flyposting large images in public locations. As he says, the street is “the largest art gallery in the world.”

I really admire the way that JR has chosen to communicate with the world. Humanity needs this kind of artist to remind us what freedom and expression really are.

To see more of his work check out his website.