VFS Digital Design Helped Me Find My Dream Job

Graduation day in the Digital Design program at the Vancouver Film School left me with a variety of options when it came to picking a career path. I didn’t have to wait very long to start my career, because on that day, between the graduation and award ceremonies, there was only one choice I wanted to make. So when it came time to decide whether or not to accept the job offer put before me, I did what all job candidates would do: I chose a role that would enable me to do what I had been trained for. I would never have gotten this opportunity without the help of the program’s faculty, most notably Amber Bezahler, Department Head for Digital Design at VFS. I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and confidence to take the job without the guidance from my teachers and mentors at the school.

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Storytelling in a Flash

I was new to Flash and Actionscript 3.0 when we were tasked to create an interactive storybook of our choosing in term 3 here at VFS. I chose H.G. Wells’ “the Invisible Man”.

I redesigned the story, first published in 1897, after comic book adaptations such as “Sin City” and began to work with the complex particle engines that would add the dramatic sense of place to this classic story.  Box 2D, Away 3D, and the Flint Particle system helped complement the palette of monotones and fiery reds in this modernized comic book styled account of “The Man With No Face”. Having to build the project in sections, I implemented the city as a persona to the main character for the purposes of keeping the story linear.