Mike Harrison Photoshop Collage: An Inspiring Surreal World

Lost Continent image by Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison is a great digital artist and illustrator from Plymouth. He enjoys expanding his skills to inspire others. This piece, called Lost Continent was made for Depthcore’s 31st chapter ‘Freestyle III in 2007 and is a collaboration between Mike Harrison, his brother Pete Harrison and Niklas Lundberg. The I first time saw Lost Continent in 2008, I totally fell in love with it and quickly checked out more of his work. Mike Harrison’s work drew me into using a different aspect of Photoshop. I started to cut images out, play with them, move them around, and then paste them together. It was a really fun time for me, sitting there all day playing with Photoshop. It helped me develop a better understanding of blending, layer effects, masking, and of how to use the dodge and burn tools. Guess what, the result is fantastic and it really helped me develop a higher level of Photoshop skill.

Check out this interesting interview with Mike Harrison.


Motion Design : To Achieve Your Goal, Every Step Counts

We recently had our first Motion Design Showcase, and it was very cool to see so many creative motion graphic works from different classes. I decided I would present my own work here on OOMPH. Although, I’m not sure what I should talk about. Ha Ha. But I will try.

I have a background in Graphic Design, but Motion Design is kind of new to me. I’ve never used After Effects a lot before I came to VFS Digital Design — just for keying the green screen and interface knowledge.

Our Term 1 Motion Project was to create a 20-45 second Motion Graphic Video with a story and some graphic animations. When I first got the brief, I struggled with it a lot — for two reasons: First of all, deciding on a story was hard for me; And secondly, I was unsure about what I could do with my limited After Effects knowledge.

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what we created together is better than what we created separately

Still from Adobe Non-Format video

I was checking out the new features of Adobe Creative Suite CS6 and found this video Adobe Non-Format. I really  appreciate that Adobe shared this great video with us. I really like this video because I learnt from it that team work is really important. One designer or one digital artist can create beautiful art works on their own. But two people can create a better work. A team of more than two can create amazing work.

I really like this quote from the video: “What we created together is better than what we created separately.” I know sometimes it’s difficult to work as a team because everyone in the team might think that they could done a better job on their own. But a great team can do an amazing job. I want to share this with all VFS Digital Design schoolmates, to encourage you to bring your talent and do your school projects and work well with your team to create amazing work.