Jody Xiong : Green Pedestrian Crossing

Greener Pedestrian Crossing - 1

Green Pedestrian Crossing is a unique installation by Jody XiongCreative Director of DDB China. Their client, CEPF (China Environmental Protection Foundation), requested an outdoor street advertisement that would encourage Chinese citizens to engage in environmental friendliness.

So what did Jody do?

Greener Pedestrian Crossing - 2
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Soon Mo Kang : Tea-Shirts!


This is some tasty design! Designer Soon Mo Kang brings us Hanger Tea, Tea-Shirt-Tee-Bags to hang on the rim of our favourite mugs, with different coloured hangers for different flavours of tea! Clever design and concept, paired with a delicious pun.

Tea-Bag Packaging and Demo

Designers are constantly thinking outside of the box, and it’s really important for us, as students, to expose and inspire ourselves to a diverse range of design. Soon Mo Kang inspires me to create clever, intelligent, and useful designs.