Ned Wenlock : Go Everywhere, Apache, and All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Ned Wenlock Apache for Danger Beach

I’ve been following Ned Wenlock‘s work since Motionographer first featured him in April of 2011. He has explored a similar After Effects technique in three different videos (Honda: Go Everywhere; Apache for Danger Beach; and All We Ever Wanted Was Everything), and each one improves upon the previous. It’s a nice example of how a style used in a more abstract, conceptual piece, such as the two music videos, can be applied to a commercial purpose (as shown in the Honda ad) in an effective way.

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A Year of Sun with Mr. Persol : Inspiring Motion Design

A Year of Sun with Mr Persol frame grab

A Year of Sun with Mr. Persol is arguably the one piece that inspired my interest in motion design. This video, directed by Kevin Dart and Stephane Coedel of Yuki7, is a narrative advertisement for Persol sunglasses. The illustrative and textural quality of the lines and shapes and the fast-paced editing give it a feeling of a summer that goes by too fast.

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