Peter Smart – 50 Problems, 50 Days

50 Problems in 50 Days

Design is problem solving, and problem solving is difficult. As a term 1 student in Digital Design, I’m in the process learning of how to be a good designer, and it takes tremendous amount of time and effort to solve even one problem at a time. While I do enjoy the process, it is a daunting task.

And here is a man who pledged to solve 50 Problems in 50 Days using design. His name is Peter Smart, and he has travelled 2517 miles round Europe to problem solve. He had 24 hours to observe a problem, attempt to solve it, and communicate the solution to the world. He says he wasn’t always successful, but the point of this project was to trying everyday, not succeeding.

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Manipulating Time

TSO Photography

DD27 has been blessed with the opportunity to learn about Stop Motion for a whole term. As a DSLR enthusiast and self-proclaimed photographer/videographer, I felt extremely lucky. I have always wanted to make a stop motion piece on my own time, and to be able to do so with a class is just wonderful. I feel like a boy whose mother is forcing him to finish his ice cream.

And if stop motion is ice cream, then time lapse is candy (for me).

Both stop motion and time lapse is capturing images/motion through manipulation of time, but they differ in the level of control. Regardless, both techniques produce visuals with their own unique style, and therefore it would be impossible (and pointless) to judge which technique is better.

The Mountain is a time lapse piece that almost convinced me to put time lapse above all other form of visual media. It is simply the definition of beauty. Everything about the video is beautiful. The colour of the sky, movement of the clouds, awesome mother nature, stars and galaxy painting the night… Words don’t do justice in describing this piece.

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