Natasha Tsakos’ Multimedia Theatrical Adventure

Still from Natasha Tsakos' Ted Talk
I came across this TED TALK today, and could not resist sharing it.

Natasha Tsakos creates an interactive experience through acting, theatre and motion graphics. Regardless of the age, gender, or race, each person is totally engaged in this experience. A connection is created with the character zero, which allows one to be oneself.

“As a street performer, I learned that everybody wants to connect. And that if you’re a bit extraordinary, if you’re not exactly of human appearance, then people will feel inclined to participate and to feel out loud.” (Natasha Tsakos)

In the end of the video she leaves us with truly inspirational words.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Marco Tempest TED Talk : A magical tale (with augmented reality)

It’s 2:45 a.m. and  I have just been blown away by this Marco Tempest Ted Talk and could not sleep without sharing it with everyone on Oomph.

Marco Tempest spins a beautiful story of what magic is, how it entertains us, and how it highlights our humanity — all while working extraordinary illusions with his hands and an augmented reality machine.

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Concept Art and Character Design

After the Digital Design Talks on Wednesday with Peter Gikandi from Big Park Studios, I was inspired to do some Concept Art. The first things that came to mind were: ‘boat,’ ‘captain’ and ‘monkey with an attitude.’ I opened up Photoshop, started sketching, and the image presented here is what I ended up with.

It was a great feeling to just take out some time without worrying about my final project and do some experimentation.

I’m looking forward to future talks with Peter Gikandi — this one was inspirational, and his demos are awesome.


Experimentation: RC Plane GoPro Video

I have always wanted to attach a camera to my Dad’s RC plane. Never thought it would be possible until I bought my GoPro back to Pakistan this winter.

That day, the sunset was beautiful and I knew there would be no better way to capture it except from up high in the sky. I mounted the GoPro onto my Dad’s remote control airplane and the rest was history…

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