The NASA International Space Apps Challenge Hackathon : Museum of Intergalactic Species

Space Apps Challenge Toronto

Ask any VFS Digital Design students or alumni what SLAM means to them. They will tell you it is the most challenging and grueling 2 days (or 12 hours, if you ask graduates of the 20th graduating class and before) of their life. It tests their creativity and problem solving, as well as team player skills, to the max. It is also one of the activities I miss the most after graduating from Digital Design back in Dec 2011. Which is why, when a few of my coworkers decided to compete in NASA‘s International Space Apps Challenge hackathon at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto, I jumped at the opportunity.

We were given 25 challenges to choose from, which all required different skill sets: There were challenges that asked you to plan a cubeSat trajectory; Innovation on how to make Mars livable for human; Aurora localization; and many more. Since our strength lay in interactive media, it made sense for us to choose a challenge where we could showcase our skill. That’s why we chose Adopt a Spacecraft: Voyager 1.

Earth and Voyager 1 Launch Date

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge hackathon started Friday, April 19th at 7pm, with an introduction of the challenges and team building for those who had yet to join one. We officially started with our challenge at 10pm.

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A Fresh Start at Tribal DDB

Jane & Benson

A few months after our graduation in December 2011, we (Jane Haezer Saputra & Benson Chan) were fortunate enough to land internships at Tribal DDB. (Yay!!) As Information Architect and Design interns, respectively, we both have had surprisingly similar and yet also different experiences. Below are short recollections on our everyday experiences here at Tribal DDB.

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Find Your Path

In this year and age, social media had become, undeniably, part of our everyday life. From posting pictures, to keeping in touch with friends and family, to even sharing your favourite links on the web, there are different social sites that were built to accommodate these needs.

A few weeks ago, I came across a different kind of social app. Different, because, unlike others, it was built specifically for Android and iPhone as a native app. It’s very interesting (and addictive), because this app lets you share your personal moments (what time you’re awake/sleep’¦) only to people that you want to share it with.

The name of this app is Path.

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Ian Grais Inspires at Creative Mornings

On October 7th, I had the chance to attend Creative Mornings, a monthly morning gathering for people who are working in the creative industry, or interested in it. Each month, they have different speakers who share their creative process, and what creativity means to them. This month, Ian Grais, the founder of Rethink, shared with us the What?, How?, and Why? of creativity at Rethink.
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