Design Career Process : From TV Watcher to Motion Designer

When I was young, I loved to watch television; it really did not matter what was on. My parents told me that I just like to watch and listen to whatever was on television. However, back then I was too young to decide what to do with my future. When I was in high school, I had to think about my career and what I wanted to do and study after I graduated.

I decided to study more about film production, but I did not have any experience or background in this field. I got into the Toronto Film School after I graduated high school. But Film production was very different from what I thought. Therefore, I decided not to spend my time on what I did not want. I went to my home country, South Korea, and there started to find out what I wanted to do. I got a job as a videographer and editor for a promotion company. The reason I got that job is I learned how to shoot and edit basic stuff using Final Cut Pro. As I kept working, I discovered the VFS school website, my co-worker recommended that I take the Digital Design program, and I found out about Motion Design.
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Kim Jung Gi : Fantastic Drawings

Kim Jung Gi Drawing

Kim Jung Gi is the master of drawing and illustration. People who are interested in illustration or animation probably already know him. But I just recently found his videos while watching just a bunch of random videos on Youtube.

Most of his videos are 30 minutes to an hour long. You might think they would thus be quite boring to watch, but they’re not, because he never rests — he just keeps on drawing for an hour without thinking about what he’s going to draw.

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