Appetizers Presentation for the 25th Graduating Digital Design Class

Appetizers Summer 2013

Last night, Digital Design had its tenth Appetizers industry showcase. The night started off showing some incredibly talented work from the 25th graduating class. The diverse variety of interactive and motion design projects displayed in presentations coupled with the sharp wit of the students delivered a night of laughs, awe and entertainment. Afterwards, industry representatives, students and staff mingled while tasting some of the most delicious actual appetizers ever produced from the VFS Web Café.

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Projection Mapping: Hottest Motion Trend Since Stop-Motion Sliced Bread

Projection Mapping… Project What Now?

Before I explain, allow me to “set the stage”…

As we progress through the age of the Digital Revolution, concerts have slowly taken the place of record sales for musicians’ source of primary income. This is partly due to the wide array of easily accessible online sharing sources for albums and tracks.

“We just released our first independent album free from the chains of the record labels. They told us we would be SQUASHED! But thanks to the 75 of you who still believe in purchasing music, we did just fine!” – Cake, Sasquatch! Music Festival 2013

That being said, most concerts benefit from a visual experience to assist the audio experience. The better the presentation, the more likely additional tickets will be sold.

Enter the motion technique: “Projection Mapping”.

Projection Mapping (also known as Video Mapping) is a technique used to turn objects or walls into display surfaces for video projections. These often irregular shapes add a level of dimension for motion-design animations. Using special software like Resolume Avenue, artists are able to project their animations onto virtually any surface, creating a canvas out of a real and tangible surface in the world.

So how is this Projection Mapping doing? Is it just a passing trend?

“…the VJ software business is booming. It’s booming so much in fact that we need more people to help us out!” – Bart van der Ploeg, Resolume

As the VJ (Visual Jockey) software technology increases, we are seeing greater performances year by year. It seems like every concert now has at the very least, a light show to help visually influence the audio experience. This also opens up a plethora of new jobs within the motion design industry and while I’m personally biased, I believe it will only increase in popularity over time.

VFS DD23 Graduates;  Ryan Ali, David Calderon Navarro, Alejandro Davila and Ivan Aguilar created “Surface” as a special side projection mapping project with great success.

(See Oomph post here: Digital Design Talks Review)

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Studio of friends creates beautiful motion video: Understand Music

Screenshot from Understand Music

Digital Design student Mehdi Nowroozi recently showed me this inspiring video on Vimeo. Entitled Understand Music, it was created by a new studio called finally, which is based in Mainz, Germany (founded just this last year). This animation uses beautiful motion design principles and techniques to convey information about something its producers all love: music.

Finally studio was created by a group of friends, all designers who decided they wanted to work together.They show how incredible the work of a small group of friends can be in the production world. Utilizing their design, cinematography, animation, editing and producing talents, they’ve created a cozy and fun work environment where they can share their ideas and experience as a team.

It’s another reminder to our students how powerful networking can be and how their experiences here could even prepare them for starting their own studio after graduation. With the right dedication and talent, this dream can be realized into success.

SLAM! : Winners of the Mini Maker Faire Campaign Competition

Emily Smith Director of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

This winter edition of the Digital Design SLAM felt especially fun and challenging. The students were given just five hours to develop a multi-platform campaign and they still managed to present unique and appealing concepts to the client (and Digital Design alumnus), Emily Smith, Director/Founder of the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire (VMMF).

As Emily Smith and I roamed the bustling classrooms, we saw an array of posted sticky notes with busy pencils hitting the paper as everyone brainstormed their ideas. Their brief was to increase an awareness to the Call for Makers in January for VMMF while widening the overall demographic.
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