Design for Motion: Simple Shapes in Shift by Phong Luong

Still from Shift Motion Design Piece

Here is an inspiring piece to show how effective design can be when coupled with strong animation principles. Many new motion designers make the mistake of focusing on too much detail before animating their compositions. Motion Design is all about designing first and letting the animation build the transitions between compositions.
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Lorcan O’Shanahan Continues to Stay Creative

ipad sketch by Lorcan O’Shanahan

VFS Digital Design alumnus Lorcan O’Shanahan graduated with the rest of the 22nd class nearly two months ago, but has continued to exercise his creative muscles. Just like all muscles, the creative portion of the brain needs to be exercised on a frequent basis for optimal results.

To borrow from one of my favorite sayings: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go—so long as you do not stop.”  (Confucius)

Lorcan explains how he did this sketch with his tablet: “It was totally just a case of ‘plug-in-the-tablet and start drawing’. I just let go and let it come to me. When it came to some of the finer details, like the fishing boat and her line of sight, I was inspired by the area where my family’s summer home is in the Canary Islands: a small town called Taliarte.”