Feng Zhu Design : Inspiring Illustrations

Creative inspiration is often best found in areas that succeed in taking you outside of your comfort zone. By seeing something that blows our mind and which is far beyond our own capabilities in a specific area, we are then able to connect the dots back to innovation in our own field.

This illustration was done by Feng Zhu, an extremely talented and experienced creative artist. He boasts a very impressive list of past and present clients, ranging from illustrious Hollywood directors to some of the biggest game companies in the world. And with work like that, it’s no surprise. In 2009 he founded Feng Zhu Design, a school created to impart Feng Zhu’s skills (and the talents of others) to the next generation of gifted entertainment artists.

I love this piece in particular because of the great hope I feel it embodies. While a large number of his works have a distinctly dystopian feel, I find this example portrays a lovelier, very technologically advanced, future.

Illustration is very much outside of my realm of expertise, and therefore I find these works all-the-more astounding.

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