My New Job with Ayogo : “Not Just Another Success Story”

Levi at Appetizers

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what to write here. What could I say to help others and not just tell another success story? I wish to tell a story that has a meaning, that’s something people can learn from. So, hopefully you can find something useful in these lines. Not too much, but maybe just enough so you’ll keep digging.

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Game Design. Yeah, Digital Design Students Can Do That!

Screenshot of A Brother's Tale

First of all, “Hi!”

I’m Levi. Originally from Hungary. A gaming fanatic. And in the process of creating an awesome side-scrolling game for my graduate project.

Some background. I completed a four year CompSci degree but wanted to deepen my creative skills so I could pursue a career in the gaming industry. I was torn between Game Design and Digital Design. Both programs are great. But, in the end, I took Digital Design because I could learn more about user interface design and have skills that would allow me to work in console, PC or social gaming.

Enough about that. Let’s talk about the game I’m building — A Brother’s Tale.

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