Interactive Design : From Function to Form

Coding Image — Min Choi

Every child builds their dreams and thinks about their future career by starting with what they like most at that moment. My childhood dream kept on changing dramatically from pursuing a singing/performer career to being a veterinarian…

Not really knowing what I liked to do, I grew up and continued further on in my studies knowing the one thing I had to do: get good grades. I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged me to build a strong foundation in all areas of study, but I soon found myself pursuing studies in an area that I had the least interest in. My first and only choice was obtaining a degree in Sciences, and I did end up graduating with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science. My major was also not a result of my choice, but came out of a random process of elimination of the majors I did not like in Sciences.

Little did I know, however, that I would actually enjoy most of my first classes in this program, because most of the projects revolved around basic front-end coding with a focus on user interfaces. Of course, as I progressed further in my studies, the courses became harder, and I found myself losing interest, to the extent that I wanted to give up.

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Anonymous Artist/s Bored Turn Chicago Streets into Game of Monopoly

A neighborhood in Chicago was “revamped” into a life-sized Monopoly board! This street-art installation was done by an anonymous artist (or group of artists) called Bored, who decided to put life-sized props from the famous board game, Monopoly on the sidewalks of the city. Some of them were huge dices, chance cards and community cards, and even the little green and red houses you can build on your land!
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Encontro das Aguas by Sandra Cinto

mural done by Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto #4  

Encontro das Águas is a mural done by Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto, at the Seattle Art Museum, for the Olympic Sculpture Park PACCAR Pavilion.

For one thing, this mural caught my attention for its similarities to a famous artwork that I like a lot, The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. In fact, the artist states her influence by artists that have done similar works, including Hokusai, as well as Sol LeWitt, Regina Silveira, and Theodore Géricault. For this big project, two assistants who traveled with her, as well as a few local artists and designers, and even volunteers and the museum employees, helped her.  Very few materials were used for this work: blue paint and a silver pen.

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Daito Manabe : Nike Music Shoe

Nike Music Shoe is an ad that was made for Nike when they launched Nike Free Run+. The video below shows what Nike Japan used to advertise Nike’s new line of shoes, where flexibility was their main focus. I find it ingenious how they came up with an ad that perfectly demonstrates that particular feature of the shoes by creating music from the various ways to bend the sole.

This is a collaborative work done by Tomoaki Yanagisawa and Daito Manabe along with the artists that performed, Hifana. Although this ad is already famous and slightly dated, I was actually lead to this work because I follow the work of Daito Manabe, who can be spotted in the video sitting in front of his laptop, as the sound programmer.
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