Digital Design Students Spark Action for Non-Profits

Commanding audience attention is not as easy as it might appear. That was the motivation behind a challenge he gave to four teams of Term 3 students: take all that knowledge, savvy, and talent you’re amassing during your year and focus it on increasing awareness for three great causes. The Interactive and Information Design course is a seven-week bullet train ride through the creative process. Students present information across multiple mediums to increase audience understanding, influence opinions, and encourage action. It was VFS students tackling real issues, providing real solutions, to get real results.

That’s a lot of reality. Digital Design makes it happen by working with actual not-for-profit organizations with very real design needs. Client Proxies act as intermediaries to facilitate the process and ensure that students are getting what they need out of the experience, from an educational point of view.

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Cyber Bullying Exposed by Digital Design Students

Tomorrow, British Columbians unite against bullies. It’s called Pink Shirt Day, and it’s a symbolic stand against bullying in all its forms – at school, at work, online.

For Digital Design students Paul Belen, Luis Francisco, Felipe Dos Santos, and Tamish Aswani, it’s also launch time for their new initiative, Cyber Aware.

The team developed the entire project – including a logo, tagline, the video you see above, and a website at - as part of their Information Design course in Digital Design. It’s an incredibly polished project, as you will see… but most importantly, it’s both timely and eye-opening.

Want to take a stand against cyber bullying? Visit and click the Facebook “Like” or “Tweet” buttons. Get the word out!

Digital Design Students Tackle Information Design

Today, we peer inside another corner of Digital Design: Information Design. What is it? Only one of the greatest – and most rewarding – challenges a designer can face. Information Design is about using design to create a kind of metamorphosis: harnessing its power to transform mere data into something meaningful. It’s about telling a story and making people care. And what could be more important?

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