Urna Bios : Thinking outside of the (coffin) box


Not too long before I started the Digital Design Program here at VFS, I came across this very interesting product: Urna Bios, designed by Martin Azuz.

I felt it was so well designed, appealing such to a large group of people, that this alone could inspire someone to be a designer — or make an already made designer go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Urna Bios are biodegradable Urns… Urns that can be planted into the ground so you can help the growth and nourishment of a tree. You are given the option to choose what type of tree and the knowledge that you are furthering the sustainability of our planet.

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Inspiring things : Invention of Love by Andrey Shuskov

Beautiful things inspire me.

There are moments, days, even weeks when I feel lost and un-creative. It’s as if I’m missing a piece — that last, lost piece of the puzzle that completes me.

Then I see it, that something different, that something that is maybe strange to look at, or that is just oddly beautiful.

This animated short film by Andrey Shuskov, entitled Invention of Love, was one of those strange beautiful things that hit the spot. I remember first seeing this video a little over a year ago, when I happened to be feeling stuck in a rut with my life.

It may not have directly affected what art works and life choices I made soon after, as I’m sure I had watched at least 20 or so other videos while working that day, but something happened — my eyes had seen something new.
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What Inspires me

Alan Brookes

Um …Tasha? …What would happen… if your car was a DINOSAUR?

An awesome question asked by a very imaginative 6-year-old: Alan Brookes. I’ve spend the past few months working as Alan’s Nanny, watching him while his mom; a single parent, is at work. And while thinking about what inspires my creative thinking, I came up with the answer: Alan Brookes inspires me. Though being his Nanny was only a temporary job, Alan made a permanent impact on me — he inspires me to see the world through the eyes of my very own inner child.

From teaching him to ride a bike in my alley, to making cherry licorice and Fruit Loops-beaded bracelets, this little boy, without knowing it, has opened my eyes and shown me a different way of understanding life. However small he may be to the world, he has shown me just how big a person can be in your life, and how exciting it is that I still have so much I can learn. I look around and so many of us have lost our sparkle, that youthful light in our hearts has dimmed from being hurt and being told to grow up. It’s a great reminder for myself as an artist and designer to never to lose that light — the child inside just wants to show you what you’re forgetting to enjoy while trying to be all grown up and stuff.

So next time you want to make a happy face with your food, make faces in the mirror, sing in the car, or jump on your bed when no one is looking, don’t hesitate; let that kid inside take over. Just go for it. Who knows, you might inspire someone to write about the impact that you made on them.