Hi Interactive!! — Would you be my friend?

I have no idea what Interactive is and I have had no experience in it before, but now I have to learn this thing. I won’t be satisfied with a passing grade and I won’t learn this just to get a job, but because I need to know what Interactive is. I am like an old man who squints his eyebrows while a kid talks about a mobile device, or an old man who has to go to the bank to pay a bill when most people pay through Internet. That’s me, not wanting to be friend with Interactive.

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The Avengers — A Great Work That Makes Me Feel Guilty

ILM Compositing the Hulk for the Avengers Movie

I saw the movie, The Avengers, last year with great expectations, because this movie was a blockbuster that everyone was anticipating well before its premiere. As I expected, the movie was perfect in every aspect: plot, production, editing, CGI… Everything was good, and I loved this movie.

Then, a few days ago, I saw a video on the making of The Avengers. I recognized the company (ILM) that worked on the visual effects. So when I saw the video, I was quite shocked; there was more CGI work done than I realized. There was a lot of detail, and it all seemed like hard work. That is when I started feeling guilty, because I did not pay much attention to some of those scenes.

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Keep Drawing by Ha Juan from Studio Shelter

Still from Keep Drawing

The video for Keep Drawing by Ha Juan from Studio Shelter reminds me that sometimes I should get off the computer and go back to basics — that is, work on paper!

Some people might say, “But I am not good at drawing.” But who cares! I don’t think it matters, because I consider drawing to be a good process for expanding your imagination.

In 2010, I actually got to meet Ha Juan at the Cut&Paste 2010-11 Global Champs Competition in New York. During the event, I got to talk to him and also see some of his previous works.

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Hostage Title Sequence Inspires Me To Be A Motion Designer

The first time I saw Hostage, I was inspired by the title sequence. The first thing that came into my head was “WOW! What is this? — I want to learn how to do this. — I want my job to be doing something like this.”

Lucky for me, I saw Hostage on DVD, so after I was finished watching the movie, I could go back and play the title sequence over again and again and again. I tried to figure out how they did it. That’s the reason why I became interested in learning Adobe After Effects and making motion graphics. Seeing such amazing work made me realize that I want to be a motion designer, and perhaps even a title designer.
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