Designing Down Under

They are in most everything we watch or read – titles, credits, graphics – and making them is an art in and of itself. For Kelly Falconer, the appeal of motion graphics was the opportunity to express ideas in a variety of forms. Wanting to learn more than just traditional design, she came to what was then the VFS Interactive Media Program (now Digital Design) to immerse herself in the discipline.

“By teaching 3D, audio, print, and animation, the program gave me a broader knowledge of the field,” says Falconer. “I find I am more technically knowledgeable than some of the other designers who come from just a classical design education.”

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Digital Design Student Wins Web Awards

The annual South By Southwest Interactive Festival, held each year in Austin, Texas, brings together some of the most innovative filmmakers, musicians, and digital innovators to share ideas and chart the future of interactive media. In addition to the festival’s featured speakers and performances, an awards gala honours designers whose products have pushed the boundaries of online creativity over the last year.

At this year’s March festival, VFS Digital Design student Mark Miller received the award for best student work. In addition to the South By Southwest award, Miller also recently won Best Canadian Student from the prestigious Flash in the Can Awards.

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