Creating Live Experiences

Vancouver Canucks Preshow Projection by Mark Raham's Creative Team

With the quality of TV picture and sports broadcasts what they are, it can be hard for the average person to justify spending the price of a ticket to attend a Canuck’s game. Picture quality is perfect and broadcast teams bring you views and angles and replays that you can’t possibly get at a game. What you can get at a game, however, is a fan experience that is meticulously and tirelessly being perfected by Mark Raham (Director, Creative Services) and his team at Rogers Arena. From the moment you walk up to the arena to the moment you leave, you are treated to a sensory carnival, itself worth the price of admission.

I went on a tour with Digital Design staff and students from the 25th class and witnessed a thorough walkthrough of Mark’s fan experience, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how that experience is in a constant state of evolution.

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Visit with Blast Radius

Digital Design's 25th class take a tour of Blast Radius

When we first told that we would be touring Blast Radius, I didn’t really know what to expect. Prior to our tour, I assumed they were just another big design agency whose only focus was making money and pumping out work. However, upon entering Blast Radius you can immediately feel the sense of pride they take in their projects and the people that work there.
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A Visit With Vancouver Canucks’ Creative Director Mark Raham

Digital Design's 25th Class at Vancouver Canucks

Digital Design students went out for a visit with the Creative Director of the Vancouver Canucks, Mark Raham, last Friday (Feb 15). The tour and demonstration were fantastic — Mark was incredibly generous with his time. It started out by the statue of Roger Neilson, who was head coach of the Canucks in the early 1980s, and who is credited with a number of innovations in the game, as well as being deemed responsible for the tradition of Towel Power, which started at the 1982 Canucks versus Blackhawks playoff series. Mark tells us that since the statue was erected in 2011, fans have chosen the area as a gathering spot before the games. It’s from this spot that his “layered experiences“ design really begins, with lights on the columns and an ambient soundscape meant to stir up the feeling of being at the game.

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Visiting the Giant Ant

Digital Design's 25th class on their way to Giant Ant

In the third term of the Digital Design program students are taken on “field trips” — visits to a few choice local agencies and creative producers — to get some exposure to creative talent recruiters and to provide them with an inside look at the workings, creative processes, and hiring practices of the Vancouver Design industry (and for the benefit of some very valuable advice). Digital Design’s 25th class went out on such a visit recently to Giant Ant.

Giant Ant Logo written in chalk on a black board
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Agency Visit : Hangar18 Creative Group

Sign for Hangar 18

Students from the 24th Digital Design Class paid a visit to the Vancouver creative firm Hangar18 (not the infamous alleged location of the Roswell incident — although it is named after that mysterious place). Hangar 18 Creative Group was formed in 1996 by two graphic designers (including Digital Design Instructor Vida Jurcic) and a copywriter (Nigel Yonge).  Hangar18 has since grown in employees, capacity and accolades — but they are still small enough that their senior people can play a direct role with their clients.

The students were given some background and got a chance to have their questions answered by co-founder and co-Creative Director, Vida Jurcic.

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