Upcoming Art Show by Christian Whiticar and Mitchell Villa

Christian & Mitchell Art Show

Digital Design alumni Christian Whiticar and Mitchell Villa are having an art show opening at Untitled Art Space on Friday, May 13th. Christian works as a Senior Motion Designer at Sequence and Mitchell is a full-time artist based in Victoria. The exhibition is curated by Lauren D. Zbarsky and will showcase a collection of paintings by each artist which includes two large murals that they collaborated on.

Congratulations VFS Digital Design Class 26

Congratulations, Digital Design Class 26 (from left: Macarena, Austin, Ali, Ray, Natasha, Scott, Cesar, Kevin, Taís, Arm, Emma, Kyle, Min, Antonio, Jenny, Erynn, Christian, Seoyoung, JK, Bill, missing: Ryan)

On December 12th, 2013, the Digital Design program held their Graduation and Awards Show for the 26th class. It was a bittersweet moment for the students, faculty and staff. Spending the equivalent time of three intense years of college packed into one can only have the effect of creating extremely strong connections.

The graduation ceremony consisted of a number of speeches and presentations. Elizabeth Hudson, Program Manager of Digital Design, started the proceedings and outlined the scheduled order of events. Miles Nurse, Head of Digital Design, was the keynote speaker and he reflected on the challenges and successes from the past year. He then offered some parting words of wisdom.  Myron Campbell, Senior Instructor, was selected to present by the students, spoke next. Myron advised the graduating class to stay confident, humble, and connected. He stressed the importance of continuing their personal development and to “stay awesome” above all. This event also marked the last day at VFS for Myron, who has been an integral part and one of the major driving forces of the program. We haven’t seen the last of Myron though: He’ll be back for a Draw By Night event this year.

Christian Arias-Carrasco and Scott Dutertre spoke on behalf of the graduating class and produced a fitting tribute to their classmates. They created two videos for the ceremony. The first video was a humorous tale about their journey through the program and allowed them to include some inside jokes. The second video allowed each graduate to tell a heartfelt story about another member of the class. The packed audience members, full of family and friends, could get a real sense of the bonds that have been forged over the course of the year. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

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Congratulations VFS Digital Design Class 25

Congratulations, Digital Design Class 25! It was a very special graduation and awards show last night. As they managed to do throughout the year this amazing class brought the very best of themselves to the final day of their journey in the Digital Design Program; by providing one of the most entertaining and emotional grad shows to date.

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Storypanda Mobile Publishing Partners with Vancouver Film School to Change Children’s Publishing

Wallers Wild West by Amrit Pal Singh and Hasan Habib

A press release was sent out last Monday (February 25, 2013) from Storypanda, announcing a partnership with VFS. As anyone who attended the recent Digital Design Talks Childish Charms would know, there is a long standing association between the program and the interactive storytelling company by way of StoryPanda’s Art Director and Digital Design grad Simon Vieira. Now we can add two more Digital Design grads to their team: Amrit Pal Singh and Hasan Habib. The two graduates from Digital Design’s 21st class have worked together on producing two books for Storypanda that reimagine classic tales. The first of these, Wallers Wild West has just been released for the iPad and is available at the App Store.
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