Experimental Practices : Think the Opposite

whatever you think kniht eht etisoppo

VFS Digital Design students assembled in the No Pixel room (no pixels allowed! …mostly) for the first day of the Experimental Practices class taught by senior instructor Myron Campbell. They may have been surprised by the tools they given to use. After all, this is Digital Design — so, practical methodology, even at the preparatory stage, could reasonably be expected to involve software and digital processing hardware. But instead, they were given pens, brushes, and markers and spray paint and water colours and paper, lots of different types of paper — also such sundry objects as feathers, wrappers, etc. Actually, you could call these “tools” ingredients — for a tonic meant to invigorate an ailing creative imagination. It’s an answer to the question: when a designer wants to be innovative, but is feeling out of it — how do they get back “into it”? the answer, in other words is, by breaking your habits, and cultivating your (peculiar) passions.

Ingredients for an Experimental Practice

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Ben Heine, Pencil vs Photograph : “illusion, dream, poetry, magic and simplicity”

Pencil Vs Camera - 57 by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a visual artist who takes photographs and then makes drawings to overlay on top of them to alter their subject or environment. He overlays the drawing in a specific area of the photo, and then takes another photo of both the drawing and his hand holding it in place. The original photographs are already beautiful and sometimes rather other worldly, but the addition of his drawing,  as a sort of — on the one hand, playful comment or interpretation of the scene — and on the other hand, as an extension or augmentation of perceptual reality — creates an effect that is at once familiar and disassociating. It’s remarkable how, by his placing two 2D elements together, he manages to produce a kind of 3D “pop-up” book effect.

Pencil Vs Camera - 68
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If You’re a Designer, You’re also a Lawyer… Somewhat

Title and image for TV Show Suits

After indulging in the full first season of Suits, and now almost wrapping up the second season, I’ve realized that Creative Designers are not so very different from Lawyers (apart from the fact that their pay cheques are significantly greater than ours).

Suits is a TV drama revolving around Mike Ross, who is a collage dropout with a past in drug dealing and a photographic memory. He manages however, to land a job at one of New York’s most renowned law firms, working with a brilliant mentor, Harvey Spector.

I’m totally addicted to this TV show. Of course, apart from the law terminology they throw out there once in a while, and the skill of how to deflect a question with another question, after every show I’m always left with the thought that I could be a lawyer. And I ask myself, why is that?

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Branding the Cozina Foodtruck : Traditional Portuguese Snacks

Empada Chicken Pie

When VFS Instructor Maria Kennedy assigned us our project for Branding 01 (Term 03), I immediately started creating ideas and producing images in my mind. The brief was to create a Food Truck that would be placed in Victoria Square (West Hastings & Cambie) targeted at VFS students and workers from around the area. I knew I wanted to create something unique — something that couldn’t be found anywhere else in Vancouver.

Being from Portugal gave me a lot of inspiration, because European culture (especially Mediterranean) is already distinct. And when it comes to food, the Southern Countries have a really rich cuisine. So I realized that if I did something related to Portugal, it would definitely be unique.

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Dragon Tales: Interview with Chen Qin

Dragon Tales: Chen Qin

VFS Digital Design is a highly multicultural program. We get students from all over the world. Being Chinese, I’m very interested in the educational experience of our students from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I started meeting with them to capture and share their insights. Here. as part of my ongoing series of interviews, Dragon Tales, I speak with current Digital Design student, Chen Qin, about his experience.

温哥华电影学院的数字媒体专业很具跨文化特色。这里汇聚了来自世界各国家、各地区的青年才俊。我很感兴趣 那些来自中国大陆、台湾地区和香港地区的学生们,他 们在这里的学习经历是怎样的。与他们逐渐熟识,也更 多分享他们的才智和学习历程。下面是我在数字媒体专业进行的系列采访中的第一个人物,秦晨,他分享了他在数字媒体专业的学习感受。

Maggie Guo: Welcome Chen Qin. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

郭春宁: 欢迎你, 秦晨。能先简单介绍一下你自己吗?

Chen Qin: Hi Maggie. Thanks for chatting with me. Before going to VFS I was an illustrator and a freelance designer. I came from Da Lian, China. Now I live in Vancouver with my wife and daughter. I am honored to be a member of VFS Digital Design Class 24. I’m focused on studying Interactive Design, User Experience Design, Motion Graphics and Branding. I like reading, travelling, watching films and skiing.

秦晨: 春宁,你好。很高兴你来采访我。没进温哥华电影学院之前我是名插画设计师,自由设计师。我来自中国大连,现在和我的太太和女儿生活在温哥华。我正在温哥华电影学院数字媒体专业24班学习交互设计用户体验设计视觉动画设计品牌设计。我喜欢看书、旅游、滑雪和看电影。


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