Innovation vs. Invention: the grad project so far…

What is the next big thing going to be? The next Instagram, Tumblr, or dare I say it, facebook? This is the question that myself and many other classmates wrestled with when brainstorming concepts for our end of year graduate project. The grad project is supposed to be the big shebang; it is the culmination of learning and hard work from the previous 9 months and ultimately it is what we as students use to “woo” potential employers. No pressure, right?

So quick, what is the next big thing?

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Who Am I As A Designer?

Hip Hop Designer

I first got involved in the Hip Hop “Kulture” in Beirut, my hometown, where young people needed an output for their excess of energy, away from guns and bombs, an output that speaks the truth no matter how hard it is. So I designed words, I designed images in poetry, images that made sense for my people; words that made them nod with acknowledgment. But then I had to move out of my home country and uproot myself, to try to find a more solid ground to grow, so I came to Canada.

I started my education to be a designer at the Vancouver Film School about a year and a half ago, when I got enrolled in the Foundation Visual Art & Design program, which made me even more conscious that I have too much to say to the world, and sound is not the only medium. I’m currently enrolled in the Digital Design program, where I’m having a wonderful experience trying to express myself with Typography and Motion Design and illustration, wrapped in colors and words. It’s beautiful.

No Pixel Day : Digital Design Class 25

No Pixel Day — Tools of the Day

2D Graphics 5: Experimental Classes is such a fun class to teach. It allows students to explore ways to improve their design process. I set up the class by stressing the importance of working designers maintaining a personal practice without limitations, and of including an experimental component into their creative process. 
The class also encourages designers to take risks, to “make something ugly” for the sake of innovation, as well as to fail often and salvage beauty from the mistakes.

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Draw By Night #29 : Memory Theatre

Draw By Night 29 — Memory Theatre Poster

The title of this Draw By Night party seems so very fitting: Memory Theatre — for what I saw shall be burned into my mind forever. And it’s a good burn. The work of Cian Donnelly is rich with nightmare and ghoulish lyricism, which was revealed in full living colour at our last party. The theme was based on Giulio Camillo and his notion of a “Theatre of Memory.” Throughout the evening the 80+ participants wrote and drew responding to the notion of Memory Theatre while watching Banjorstring (Cian Donnelly’s alter ego) dance and sing in front of us. The following is the recorded live feed direct from Donnelly’s studio in Rome, Italy.
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Interactive Design : From Function to Form

Coding Image — Min Choi

Every child builds their dreams and thinks about their future career by starting with what they like most at that moment. My childhood dream kept on changing dramatically from pursuing a singing/performer career to being a veterinarian…

Not really knowing what I liked to do, I grew up and continued further on in my studies knowing the one thing I had to do: get good grades. I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged me to build a strong foundation in all areas of study, but I soon found myself pursuing studies in an area that I had the least interest in. My first and only choice was obtaining a degree in Sciences, and I did end up graduating with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science. My major was also not a result of my choice, but came out of a random process of elimination of the majors I did not like in Sciences.

Little did I know, however, that I would actually enjoy most of my first classes in this program, because most of the projects revolved around basic front-end coding with a focus on user interfaces. Of course, as I progressed further in my studies, the courses became harder, and I found myself losing interest, to the extent that I wanted to give up.

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