Digital Design Talks: 2014 Digital Trends by Nik Badminton

On Wednesday January 29, 2014 VFS Digital Design presented another in its series, Digital Design Talks, featuring current and past students, as well as key industry representatives of the Design field. The theme for Wednesday’s talk was 2014 Digital Trends and the speaker was Nik Badminton, Principal at DesignCultureMind.

Nik has a background in psychology, human interaction and social network theory, as well as 18 years of experience, starting out in software and management consulting, moving into the world of advertising and finally opening his own Product and Innovation Consultancy, DesignCultureMind. The 3 areas covered in his presentation were; People, Business and Things.

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The Growth of Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing

detail from infographic about penetration of smartphone apps

The infographic below was developed recently by Loreal Lynch, Marketing Manger at Engine Yard and published on the Engine Yard blog. Engine Yard is a cloud-based platform as a service company. Loreal makes some interesting observations about the relationship between the development of Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing. The development and successful penetration of Mobile Apps in the market has definitely changed the way that people orient to their mobile devices and to computing in general, and the development of Cloud Computing platforms is working directly in relationship to these changes. Where do you think things are headed next?

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On the Wall – Mar 2012

THIS MONTH, ON THE WALL’¦ In the early weeks of each new term, the students in Digital Design are encouraged to submit images from work that they did in the previous term. They are welcome to submit anything from character or logo designs, interface mockups, or even screen captures from their motion design work. The work is then posted online so that all of the Digital Design students can vote on the work resulting in a ‘˜of the students, by the students’ selection of winners who see their work framed and mounted ‘˜On The Wall’ in the campus.

We hope these pieces in the gallery below will inspire and motivate. Student artwork will be selected and posted every term so please come back soon.

See previous term’s winners for On the Wall — Jan 2012.

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Interactive Inspiration

When I’m looking for interactive design inspiration, I frequently find myself visiting one particular site. The Creative Applications Network is a blog with daily posts showcasing innovative and often experimental applications developed for the web, desktop, and mobile spaces. Some of the projects integrate physical objects or immerse installations. Many of the applications are developed in Processing, OpenFrameworks, Arduino, or other open source or commercial packages that make it relatively easy for designers to get started with creative coding. A lot of the content is of a more exploratory and experimental nature.

The site also features reviews of books and info about events relating to the field. Two books that I first encountered on the site and have found to be of value are Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture and Matt Pearson’s Generative Art. The former is a visual survey of the history and techniques using code for creative exploration and visual expression. The latter is a practical guide to creating captivating visuals algorithmically.

I find this kind of work incredibly exciting and it’s really inspiring to see some of the impressive work that’s being produced in this space.

Game Design. Yeah, Digital Design Students Can Do That!

Screenshot of A Brother's Tale

First of all, “Hi!”

I’m Levi. Originally from Hungary. A gaming fanatic. And in the process of creating an awesome side-scrolling game for my graduate project.

Some background. I completed a four year CompSci degree but wanted to deepen my creative skills so I could pursue a career in the gaming industry. I was torn between Game Design and Digital Design. Both programs are great. But, in the end, I took Digital Design because I could learn more about user interface design and have skills that would allow me to work in console, PC or social gaming.

Enough about that. Let’s talk about the game I’m building — A Brother’s Tale.

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